“Deva's sense of musicality is exceptional!” - Esalen Sound Journey Participant

 “The sound healing experience provided by Deva is a true gift in both the areas of mindfulness and integration. I arrived feeling a bit low on energy as well as mentally scattered and was met with a warm environment. As the sound healing began I found the baggage I was carrying with me intensify in a focused manner and really come to the surface helping me to clearly see the root in both my physical and emotional bodies (this accompanying the sounds of the rattle and slightly more dissonant crystal bowl combinations). This intensity I would liken to what I feel sometimes with deep meditation and other healing experiences. The beauty of that moment in this particular environment was that Deva skillfully transitioned to the sonic scapes of harmonized bowls and chimes that gently cleared away these feelings bringing about a sense of peace, harmony, and alignment with my being. Both the harmonic soundscape as well as the presence of other’s in this journey truly provided for a wonderful experience that had me feeling renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.” Chris Gourlay, Musician, Manager of Wind & Sea, Big Sur, CA

"We are so lucky to have this bright soul sharing her gifts with us in this way! I highly recommend going - I had no idea what to expect the first time and enjoyed every minute of the rich inner journey she leads through an incredible diversity of sound and music. I left with a happy body and elevated sense of wholeness and unity." - Jessica Neafsey, Founder/Owner of Anima California

“Well I can definitely say that I always feel really good while in the midst of one of Deva’s sound healings & very good afterwards too. I sleep really well following the sound bath. I feel more relaxed all over. Aches & pains that are usually a constant drumming in the background melt away. I can literally feel the tension leaving my face. Anxiety & worry is 100% gone during the sound healing. Sometimes I fall asleep during the sound bath because I'm so relaxed (but I didn't last night). Last night (on the equinox) I became aware that I was no longer able to feel my body--it wasn't like an out of body experience that I've read about before where you look down & see yourself...It was like I was nothing but space & I thought "wow, I don't feel any part of my body right now." However as soon as I had that thought I was zapped right back into my body again. It was a very lovely feeling, floating in space & not at all scary or bleak. Being back in my body felt nice too Thanks again for all that you do! Love you!!” - Michelle Meeshy, Teacher and Adventurer Extraordinaire

“Deva — thank you. Your sacred facilitation into this new season of light was sublime.” - Elsa Rivera

“Thank you Deva, it was a wonderful space for healing and setting new intentions for the new season. I certainly felt more integrated in my own life afterwards.” — Sandra Keyes Beddor

“I relaxed into Deva’s sound healing session and the colorful tones and notes transported us all to another place. To my surprise and relief, my frozen shoulder, immobilized and inflamed, started to loosen up and I was able to move it again! I also noticed that worries and stresses that had been on my mind melted away from the pleasing and relaxing sounds of her instruments. I very much look forward to the next session. Deva is a pro.” - Laurie Gottlieb, Marin, CA